Saturday, 4 July 2009

Fishing (badly) for mermaids

Just a little illustration that popped into my head. The fishing kid is the character I used for a lipsync project in my second year. He was a patheticly bad fisherman -_-


Nick Lobban's Showcase said...

hahaha poor guy..........i'm kinda wondering how did he get on that rock anyway?

Nick Lobban's Showcase said... that boat on the edge of the page........stooopid loblan!

Yusecki said...

haha, you silly thing Bryony. Nice stuff.
I love that the girl on the right has a sign on her hat saying Jelly Fish. Just incase you could doubt it. haha.
I also love how he seems oblivious to the sexy mermaid girlies.

Dont worry Nick, I didn't notice it until I read your comment :)